Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Baby Quilt and WIP

So here are the two quilts I mentioned earlier. This one is the baby quilt for my friend.
Here is a close up of the rainy day girls. I ordered it in purple or blue but they sent me the pink. I was sort of bummed but I guess it all worked out. They are super cute. Honestly, I bought it to make myself something.
This is the back. I didn't know the baby's name but it really needed something so I quickly hand embroidered a rainy day umbrella.
Here is my WIP. Its a lime green and yellow string quilt. I love it. My hubby even loved it. Too bad it doesn't match anything in our house. As you can see on the top is white. I still have to do a white border all around and then I will bind it in one of the lime green fabrics. Back, you ask, got me. Not that far. :) I'm really happy with how it is turning out. I was thinking about selling it on etsy. It would be my first quilt. It all depends, of course, on the final quality. I won't sell anything that I am not fully proud of. I am sure you all understand. :)


  1. The strings are wonderful - and I really see no problem with keeping around quilts that don't match anything else. I have at least 3 of those planned/in process (one is almost done, I'm excited!)

  2. I love string quilts! I am all for quilts that don't match the rest of the house too! I think that I prefer my living room quilts to be that way. And I love the umbrella fabric too. I have had my eye on that for a while! I am gladthat ocan comment on your blog now. I have been lurking ever since I got your name int the DQS. :)