Sunday, May 2, 2010

I'm awful...

First, I must apologize for my awful blogging. Part of my problem is I haven't done anything news worthy. The other part is I take pictures with my phone and check the Internet on my phone but the phone doesn't allow me to post pictures to blogger or flickr. Its really annoying. I hope they fix that soon so I can post at a moments notice if so inspired.
So what I have done. I went to a recycled fashion show or rather a trash show. It was the 10th Annual Re Store Trash Fashion Show. The Re Store is a store in town that will come to your construction site or you can take stuff to them. They will tear your house a apart and salvage 95% of the housing materials to be reused. Its pretty awesome. To the fashion show...The people are so creative and some if it wasn't made out of trash bags and would be really hot, I would think of wearing it. Enjoy the pictures. I apologize for the quality of some. The top one is made of inter tubes and newspaper. The second is of old umbrellas, third, onion bags, and finally, paper off a table at one of those restaurants you get to doodle on. People were extremely creative. I only posted the mellower ones! One of the ladies brought her kimono that was in Ripley's Believe It or Not.
I also made a few dolls. I used the Jane pattern from Bit of Whimsy. They are pretty simple to make. The first one below I donated to the Kids Safe Whatcom County Fair. The Trauma department at the hospital that I share an office with was one of the sponsors so I thought I would nice. I was lucky to see the recipient of the doll. I hope they like it!
The second doll was for M's friend who had a birthday. We were at Target looking for a present and I asked M if she would like it if I made her friend one and her response was, "Yeah, even though you haven't made mine yet." I'm such a bad mom. Its on my list. :) I also made a doll quilt too but I forgot to take a picture.

I am working on some other projects. Don't give up on my blog yet. I figure when I am FINALLY done with my job I will be able to focus on my projects and my blog. I have 2 months left - word of advice never give 6 months notice - the waiting for the end is torture. Oh, and they haven't posted the job yet! I can't wait to be done. I have a huge list of things I want to get done and start! Thank you to those who have stuck around.

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