Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Anna aka Grandma, GM, Nana

My grandmother passed away last week. Its been a fight for her the past 6 months so I am happy for her that she was able to pass. She hated being sick. She had never really been sick until she turned 90 so 90 years of good health, she hated not being healthy anymore. Everyone who needed to be there was there and was able to say their good byes and all the adults are doing okay. My daughter is doing better. She had a rough time to start. She was pretty close to her Nana.

To commemorate my grandma, I am going to overload you with pictures of her through the years.
This is my Grandma and Grandpa. They met on the Conney Island bumper cares when my grandma drove over his hat. When he returned from the war they wed two weeks later and the city girl who never left New York moved to the other side of the country with a man she barely knew. This is my favorite picture. I always knew my grandma as a farm girl. She never got gussied up or wore a lot of jewelry and in this she looks like a model.
My Grandma and Uncle Jerry. Poor kid wearing a dress. :)
M and her Nana. The two of them were troublemakers. I'd take them shopping and they would disappear or I would catch them running down the aisles at Costco.
More trouble making. She started my brother's addiction to chocolate.
The whole family annoying her at once. We loved annoying her. She had a great sense of humor.
Thanks for letting me share my grandma with you.


  1. What a beautiful lady! So fun to read a little about her. I'm sorry about her passing, but glad that she is finally at peace.

  2. I just happened upon your blog this morning and was captivated by this post. You shared your grandmother's story so beautifully through gentle words and awesome photos. Was there ever a better story of a first meeting? My sympathy goes out to you for your loss but something tells me you'll find comfort in all your happy memories.