Thursday, June 4, 2009

A New Spring Bag!

I really wanted something springy. I was using a dark purple bag that is much more for the Fall/Winter. So I found this fabric. I loved it. So bright- so cheerful. It has fabric covered cording braided for the handles. Really soft. Plus, I made a knot out of the cording for a bit of embellishment. The bag is lined with the beigey fabric and has a large pocket on the inside out of the orange. I had scraps. I also put two little pleats. I used fusible fleece as the lining. I like that it gives it a little stiffness but is still really soft. It really is great looking - not to toot my own horn or anything. (That is my office in the background. I took a quicky picture to send to my mom. She hates the fabric. We have very different taste.)
I brought it to work and my office mates (I share an office with 3 lovely ladies) all decided they want the same bag. One, wants the exact same bag and honestly, I wasn't too happy with my dimensions and she liked them so I just sold her my bag. The other one wants a navy flowered one. I have the perfect Michael Miller Fabric I bought last fall to make a shirt that I never made. Then the third will take what ever she gets. She isn't picky. She already has a bag I made her last year using Amy Butler's Nigella and her Swing Bag pattern. So she can wait.
Now I just have to remember how I made it. I usually write everything down but change my mind while I am making it and don't write down my changes. Bad habit- I know.
So, did you guess right?


  1. This is a really cute bag - and a real success! how nice to get such compliments for your work!

  2. beautiful colours for summer, lovely!