Monday, June 29, 2009

June Blocks

I was so productive this weekend. I was on a roll. I finished all the quilt blocks for my bees for June along with other things. I'll show the rest a later day but here are the bee clocks for you to peruse.

I like this block for Rachel but I don't. I think its the colors mixed together. Or I am picky. Which is probably more like it. (it looks really crooked but it is the photo - I promise)
Michelle said we could do whatever we wanted including applique so she got this Big Birdie. I think its cute. I had the pattern out because I wanted to make a lap quilt out of it. I have all these great lime green and yellows.
Stephanie wanted a spider web block. I love the linen she chose for the center. I am annoyed with myself that two fabrics matched up in the corner. I was trying so hard not to have that happen. Hope she doesn't mind. I really want to make myself some spiderweb blocks. Hmmm...another to add to my list.

Isn't it funny though how some blocks totally work out and some don't. I could make the same pattern and I would hate one and like the other.

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