Wednesday, July 1, 2009


This is the wall hanging I finally made using the girl embroidery patterns that I embroidered when my GM was in the hospital. I really like it although I might make the blue yo-yos in a lighter blue. They are really dark. In the picture they look black but I promise its blue. Last night I made 75% of a quilt top. It was a really simple 9 patch that I didn't sash so is it still a 9 patch? That's what it started as but I decided it looked better with them mushed together and I found some border print fabric. It will be crazy. Hopefully, I will have it done tomorrow but we have a last minute bowling birthday party for my nephew.

M and I hung out at Lake Padden yesterday. Needless to say I missed some spots on me and I am totally burned. I thought I got my chest but apparently not and the insides of my legs - they look pretty funny since my water bottle was resting on my leg. Oh, and my hair line. I got my face but the edge between my face and hair - totally red. I LOVE ALOE VERA! M didn't burn. I did her sunscreen quite well. Hope you are enjoying your summer!

I also signed up for Favorite Things Swap sponsored by According to Kelly. You get a partner and you send them 3 of your favorite things. It can be anything you want. I just thought it would be fun.

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  1. LOVE. THIS. WALLHANGING!!!! You did such a great job. So flippin cute!

    P.S. I agree, I think a lighter blue yo yo would be prettier.