Sunday, July 26, 2009

Truck Bed Full of Goodies

My dad arrived last night so this morning he emptied his truck bed and gave us a ton of goodies. My Great Aunt Oska passed away earlier in the year and she used to be quite the sewer. He brought me her sewing machine which he thinks has only been used a couple of times. Its a White. I haven't played with it yet or gone through all the bags.... and boxes...

And boxes...
of stuff. It looks like there is probably 100 spools of thread. A ton of vintage buttons. Lots of bias tape and who knows what else. It should be fun to go through and figure out. Well, figure out where to put it. :) My Aunt Judy said she has left over fabric from my grandma she was going to send but I will just have to go get it.(My Grandma was a true fabric lover according to my mom. My mom was few to ever to see her entire stash. It filled a bathroom, a dresser, under the bed plus other places.)
M got a hand made grasshopper xylophone. Cute, huh? The little legs move when you roll it. M loves it already. My dad said he had to use every tool in his garage. Oh, Kitty loved the bag. The purse she brought was driving her crazy cus it was so big so it was a perfect gift. They just left for the camp ground. We are giving them some time to get settled and do some laundry we go bother them. I guess I should go find the directions. :)

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