Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Book Review - Brief however

Occasionally, I have a chance to read. Not often but occasionally. There are a couple of movies coming out this summer that I wanted to see and if it has a book associated with it then I try to read the book first. I can watch a movie if I know the ending but I can't read a book. So, I am really excited about Amy Adams and Meryl Streep in Julie and Julia. So, I read Julie and Julia by Julie Powell. Its about a woman, Julie, whose life is stagnant and needs something to inspire her. For some reason she is drawn to Julia Child's first cook book called Mastering the Art of French Cuisine that she finds in her mom's kitchen and decides to cook all 524 recipes in 365 days and blog about her adventures. The book also includes a few letters written by Julia Child's husband but that wasn't the focus.

The book wasn't the most exciting book in the world. Infact, I hate to say a bit well, boring. BUT and there is a big BUT, there was something about it that forced you to keep reading. What would she cook next? How would it go? Would she actually make it to the final recipe? Would her life have some amazing moment that will make her what she wants to be? It kind of felt like you were following her blog. I have to admit my blog isn't the most exciting but I hope people come back. I have some sort of interest going. I know I read a lot of blogs that aren't the most exciting but I am there reading them.

I have to admit I cringed at some of the detailing of the recipes. I knew this before but gelatin for Jello is made from hoofs. Well, instead of buying a package at the store of good ol' gelatin she got hoofs and actually made her own. Not something I would ever do. She cooked plenty of other things we all would well, rather not hear about. At the beginning people thought she was crazy. Why this? Why now? Her mom thought she was nuts and would kill herself in the process but by the end people really supported her. They wanted to see her succeed. Even her "bleaders" (Blog readers). I wanted to see her succeed. Although I thought she was a bit nuts as well. But aren't we all.

This book was an easy read. Something you could definitely kick your feet up while the kids are in the yard and read. It looks like the movie is more exciting but I didn't realize this book is based on two books not just. I was wondering how in the trailer they show so much of Julia Child's learning to cook and in the book you only receive snippets into the woman she was and how her husband loved her but its a movie, they do what they want, right?

I still am looking forward to the movie. I think this is one of the rare cases that the movie will be better than the book. (I am currently reading the other summer's release "My Sister's Keeper." I was up way to late reading this book. I already read Harry Potter so I am good on that one. :) )

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