Monday, July 6, 2009

Mom's quilts

Since we were busy this weekend with nothing overly exciting I got nothing accomplished. I did put back all the fabric into my stash that I pulled out. That was an accomplishment. I kind of had to. My mom needed the guest bed to sleep on.

Here, however are some pictures of two of the quilts my mom made:

This one is a baby quilt for her boss. I wish I took a better photo. It was so bright I couldn't see the screen so I took them both blindly. It has little ducks playing in puddles in each square that she embroidered on. It is really cute. She doesn't know the gender (of the baby not the ducks) so she is hoping this is non gendered enough. I think it is and really it doesn't matter. You can have your kid swaddled in pink and purple and people will still call her a boy.

She made this last fall and I conned her into giving it to me for Christmas. Good mommy. Please excuse the lint and dog fur in the next one. We are people who use our quilts. (I wasn't going to use this one but she told me to use it!)

This is my favorite block. I love the tiny stippling which changes size with the picture and she used variegated thread that was perfect. My mommy is so talented.

I need to go take pictures of the rest of her quilts but she wanted the duck one taken before she gave it away and I had the black one right there so I grabbed it to get it taken. Honestly, my mom is short so this is about the size she could hold. :) I'll have my hubby do the others.

Hope you all had a great fourth!

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  1. I think its perfect for a girl or a boy, people still ask if my boys a girl, maybe its the sort of long hair...but come on he's totally boy! Thanks for stopping by and linking -Allison