Thursday, July 16, 2009

My Spring Table Cloth is Finally Done in the Summer!!

My spring tablecloth is finally finished!!! I wanted something in the spring to brighten the house up and I needed a new table cloth so I decided to use these nice bright and cheery colors. I finished it a while ago but dreaded the quilting since it is like 85x85. Huge! Nice spring quilt at the end of the summer. :) I took it the the local quit shop again and I love the quilting. I had her put butterflies all over it. Since the lady uses a computerized quilter she doesn't go around designs or anything so on two of the fabrics I hate the quilting but I can get over it. I just blanket stitched the binding and the binding is really small since I had to bit and piece it. That'll teach me.Sadly, I like the back the best. Its just a vintage sheet I got at the Salvation Army for two bucks. Now I have to clean my table off!!! And a nice little summer photo to end this. A really happy little girl taking swim lessons. That grin is on her face the WHOLE time!


  1. Wow! You are very talented at quilting (and so is your mom!) Your daughter is beautiful. (I'm your swap partner from the favorite things swap, by the way.) I love all your beautiful quilts.

  2. That is HUGE! You must have a big table? :-)

    It turned out lovely.