Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Bag for the Evil Stepmother and a Fancy Nancy Party!

My Dad is coming to visit next week and well, we have had a strained relationship since he was non existent in my childhood. Since I have had M he has try to be more involved. Also, he lives so far away. Well, my stepmother (my dad's 4th wife) and I had a few words the first time we met. Apparently, it was my fault the way our relationship was and had nothing to do with me being 6 when my dad and mom divorced. Anyway, I'm not her biggest fan but we get a long well enough. I decided to make her a bag as a good will gesture. I hope she likes it. I barely know her so knowing what she likes is hard. This bag is from Artsy-Crafty Babe. Its called the Round Yoke. I really want to make it for myself using scraps for the yoke part. Its not the best picture. Its supposed to be really stiff and I folded it after I made it to put it in a bag so that it won't get hairy from the dog.
Also, M and I went to a Fancy Nancy Party at the Library. If you don't know Fancy Nancy you have to check her out. She is a little girl who loves all things fancy. She learns a lot of big fancy words through out her journeys through life and her acceptance that all things are not the way you want them like her parents not being fancy. Very cute. I think they need to come up with a Fancy Nancy fabric line. (I obviously like Fancy Nancy probably more than M.) Anyway, the party was for little girls and they got all dressed up, heard a story and got the make a Fancy Nancy craft. (Puppy ears from Fancy Nancy and the Posh Puppy.) It was fun and all the kids were cute in their definitions of fancy. M wore a poodle skirt and a dog scarf, a couple bracelets, sunglasses, a couple of Mardi gras necklaces, a shiny silver belt and a big flower barrette. Cute. Oh, she had a pink boa but it ended up in my hair. It was mine! She gave it to me for Mother's Day! :)


  1. If she doesn't like that bag, I will take it! It's a totally nice gesture!

  2. The bag is beautiful! She'd be crazy not to love it. That's awesome of you to do something so nice for her. Your little one is just so flippin CUTE!!! Love her outfit.