Thursday, July 2, 2009

Winking Owls Quilt

See how motivated I have been. I finished my quilt top last night and I went bowling and got a 108! 108 is pretty good for me. When my hubby was in Iraq, one of my keep myself busy activities was going bowling every week with a friend. I very rarely got over 100. So that is pretty impressive to me. Oh and the birthday boy had a good time.

I wanted to make something out of this cute owl fabric. I've been hoarding my owl fabric so I finally cut into a piece. I got a four pack of Japanese import fat quarters from etsy. The solids with exception of the "stop" and the border (I just learned that the mini border between the border and the blocks is called a stop. I feel all smart now.) is a chambray. You can't really tell in the picture but all three are very iridescent. Really the picture doesn't give the colors and fabric justice. You have to see it in person. I had bought 1/2 yard cuts of the chambray a long time ago with no idea what to do with them but I just loved them so wallah! I used it. It was nice to use almost all stash fabric. The stop is a cherry blossom design and then the border wasn't what I went to the quilt shop for. I was going to get a solid but this print was Asianee and it has every color that my patches too. I thought I would hate it anyway but I really love it. Now I have to quilt it so I will hate it soon enough. I hate quilting but I don't want to pay for this one to get done. Any volunteers? :)

Another owl fabric I am using. I am working on my stash. I conned my mom into making me a Kimono jacket like the one she wore when I was a kid. (She lived in Japan for 7 years so it is authentic.) She just copied the pattern. I should get it this weekend. Yay me!

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  1. So cute!!! I had to go buy some of those owls...I bought a card wallet on Etsy a while ago with the pink ones, but didn't know what fabric it was!