Monday, August 3, 2009

My Mosaic Thus Far

1. Simplicity Essential Patchwork Bag, 2. Yo-yo, 3. Not Yo Mama's Craft Fair Jersey City 044, 4. Yo-Yo Tree Quilt, 5. "my favorite dress" quilt, 6. Sunny Girl Mini-Quilt, 7. Abstract no.7, 8. Wash Day Mini Quilt, 9. Owl Mini Quilt, 10. October Mini Quilt Swap, 11. continuous: for mini quilt week, 12. "Outside the Box" Mini Quilt, 13. Abstract #5 Mini Embroidered Art Quilt - detail, 14. Spiderweb Mini Quilt, 15. mini quilt from Knit One Quilt Too, 16. "Enchanted Garden" Mini Quilt no.1, 17. AQB2--April Block for Chen 2, 18. Muslin Art Quilt, 19. Quilt Detail, 20. Doll Quilt for DQS2, 21. frame quilt #3, 22. Finished Doll Quilt, 23. I (heart) pink!, 24. DQS6 Finished Quilt, 25. DQS6, 26. DQS6 Quilt Received from Karen, 27. Jazynthe's Butterflies DQS6, 28. DSQ6 received, 29. DQS6 Received!, 30. dqs6 front, 31. Doll Quilt Swap 6- recieved

I signed up for two different Doll Quilt Swaps so I have been looking for inspiration. I think I found a few ideas. I just have to see if I can pull them off. I lack confidence in my skills but you will never know if you don't try- right? I think one I am am going to do some embroidery and the other I might make a yo yo quilt. I have over 100 made so hopefully the colors will be in the bag for what I am thinking or I will have to make some more. I wonder where I put the bag.

I also received these books from Amazon. Yea!

Jean Wells' Intuitive Color and Design. Its about creating Art Quilts. I am taking a class in November from her and I am totally excited. I'm glad I signed up a month ago too since its almost full and August just arrived. I even get to take a day off of work for it!

I also got Doodle Stitching by Aimee Ray. I am going to use some of her ideas for one of my quilts. I think the Jean Wells book may take some practice and cursing. :) I have an idea of one I would like to try. (I have my quilting bee blocks to do first.)

Well, in case anyone was curious, my week with my dad and his wife went horribly wrong on Wednesday (the 105 degree day). Kitty, my dad's wife, grabbed my daughter's arm swung her around and held her by both arms and got in her face and yelled at her. I had let a lot of Kitty's behavior go (I really wanted the week to go well) but that was not one I would. I yelled at her to let go of my child. I didn't curse. I did raise my voice. I didn't say anything derogatory. I told her if M wasn't listening to her to let me know and I will make sure she does it but that would not fly. My hubby showed up 10 seconds later and I pulled him aside to tell him what happened. We decided to stay (I was really trying.) We returned to the table and my dad told me I overreacted. Excuse me? A woman I am not related to, I don't like, I see once a year, who had already pushed the boundaries of parent child discipline (she interrupted me while I was disciplining M so that she could do it. uhh? okay? that among other things) - touches my child in a way I find inappropriate and I am overreacting? Let me tell you, I have run this through my head over and over again for hours and hours while I have tried to sleep and I did not overreact. In fact, I think I under reacted. I held my cool. Needless to say, I did not hold my cool when my dad said that. It pissed me off. I'm sure a lot of that was a lot of anger issues towards him in general. But again, he said it was my fault for the relationship that I have with him, blah, blah. Everything is my fault. Whatever. So I no longer have a dad. And he can explain why neither of his children will talk to him and say its our fault. (My brother hasn't spoken to him in 6 years.) Maybe he will grow up and say sorry for not being a better dad. He was pretty much out of our lives since I was 6. Yeah, it was my fault.

But when I got home and my blood pressure went down, I had my little amazon box to open and a box of fat quarters from Anna Maria Horner. The fabric was back ordered so it was a nice surprise for me. Sometimes I want to roll around in my new fabric. I don't have a picture of the fabric but you will see it soon enough when I make my doll quilt. I'm so happy. I love inspiration. Fabric and books excite me.

M did get to swim in a pool and swim lessons really paid off. I was so impressed by my little munchkin. And you will love this image. Imagine two grown adults and a child in a child's wading pool. Quite an image, let me tell you. We live in Washington. We can't take the heat. We will do anything to cool off. A salesclerk at Sears said there was a fight over a fan. It was the last one. I put a spritzing water bottle in the fridge to spray myself with cool water. :) Worked wonders. My hubby had to tackle the dog to spray her down. She hates water. I know she is part lab but I am not seeing that from her.
Hope you are staying cool!


  1. I have doodle stitching, that is my learn to embroider book, i love it!! love embroidery! thanks for the birthday wishes, got your letter, i still need to write back, not tonight, had a day from hell, gonna go sit on my butt and embroider. i totally understand the step mom from hell, and the dad part, sounds like my mom!! Be grateful for who you have and do not dwell on what you do not. my mom did not even call me on my birthday, nor has she still yet. oh well, my husbands family did a great job of showing me love and support, so to hell with my mom, her loss. i appreciate what i have and finally do not dwell on what i don't. including a mom and brother. another story for another day. stay strong, and i will write back soon, promise!!

  2. Awww that so stinks. I am so sorry. I hate the people out there who think NOTHING is their fault... whatever. You are a good mom and you do what you think is best.

    I have been wanting that doodle stitching book for some time. Let me know how you like it... my birthday is coming up and I am going to start making my list:)

    Hope you have a better day... again you are awesome!

  3. How awful! I'm sorry your stepmom treated you and your daughter that way... I don't think you overreacted. Arg. I hate when adults don't act like adults. So sorry the visit didn't go better.

    I'm a couple days behind and I"m just mailing your package today. Sorry! But you should get it in a few days.