Monday, August 31, 2009

Lots of pictures and a video

I have tons of pictures I want to share but I guess I will spread them out.
First, is my mom's baby quilt. She brought it up for me to take a picture for her. It is really adorable. I hope the recipients like it.

Close up...
My hubby is such a good dad. Not ashamed to have a little girl. Here he is laying in my daughter's bed brushing Barbie's hair. I'm surprised he could get in it with all the stuffed animals there.

We went to my father in law's work picnic. He retired years ago but he still goes and they put on a great picnic. M was so excited to ride a pony. "Mommy, it's a real horse!!!" Why, yes it is. Isn't she smart? :)

Finally, we finally got the video from her dance recital in June. She is the one on the very end to the right. Totally doing her own thing. They are all so cute!

I'll stop now and save some pictures for later in the week. My life isn't that interesting. I have to spread it out.

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