Thursday, August 20, 2009

What to do in the hot sun???

We have had the most amazing weather this summer. Last summer we had like two and a half weeks of run through the sprinkler sun. This year- WOW! Like two and a half weeks of cloud and rain and that is all! We folks here in Bellingham do not weather well in the heat. Most places and homes do not have air conditioning. Here is what we do to keep cool.
We all cram into the kiddie pool. Oh, yes, I got in too. What a sight. Two grown adults and a small child crammed in the kiddie pool. But it was refreshing because the water was ice cold from the hose!
M is taking swim lessons again. I have to say its quite enjoyable for me too. Her swim instructor is a young 22, tan, quite muscular man. Nice. M loves the class. She is definitely a water baby. I just sit and watch and make mini yoyos for my doll quilt. I figure I have to make at least 100 and it takes forever. I think the mini ones take longer than the big ones! Oh and that ball she is balancing on. She woke up in the middle of the night crying because it popped and she was so upset. Kids are weird.
So I did a Favorite Things swap at According to Kelly. This is what I sent. Above all pretty and wrapped. M helped with the stickers. Below:All the stuff. I went a little crazy. I sent my partner 3 crayon roll ups with pads. She has three kids. I sent her a purse first aid kit. This really is my new favorite thing. We were at a friend's house and M skinned her leg and arm and they had nothing in the first aid department. Even band aids. I also sent some smelly lotion and soap, a butter cup bag, a list taker, and candy. Who doesn't love candy.
Here is what Jenny sent me:
Her new favorite book Hunger Games. I can't wait to read it but I have to finish a few things first. Yummy hot chocolate. I do love that. I am not a coffee drinker so she was right on the money. Some smelly candles. M wandered around the house sniffing them for hours. She also made some cards for me with her circuit. They are really cute and I can't wait to use them. Hurry up someone and have a birthday, or a baby, or do something deserving of a thanks. :) Oh, and some yummy chocolate. Yummy! It was a fun little swap and I was glad to meet Jenny. She's a nice lady.
And finally, for the end of my rambling. An image of over 30 envelopes ready to head out for two different quilting bees. I was lucky and got the same month. I'm going to mail them probably Monday. Its a bit early but I like them early for two reasons; one, I can procrastinate longer without feeling guilty and two, if I hadn't done the current month I can do them at the same time and am done. I'm pretty excited. My hubby, who has faith in no one, thinks its a scam. How did he ever get through life with no faith in anyone, I do not know. I have faith so phooey on him.


  1. i heard hunger games is great, that is next on my to read list. cute stuff!!

  2. Oh, I didn't realize you had the same month for both VQBs! That's kind of nice, I get to do 2 blocks for you! What are we going to do, or is it a mystery til we get our fabric?

  3. and yes, phooey on him...I've been extremely happy with all of my PTQB blocks (only one I'm iffy on, not yours)

  4. I loved doing the swap with you. You were SOOO generous. And it has been fun to get to know you. I will do my post about it really soon...I've been sick this week and haven't gotten on the computer since Monday.

  5. Hiya, Sam!
    I received my fabric (repro spiderweb) and posted on the flickr thread. However, I must have misjudged my cutting b/c I don't have enough white for the 4th kite. Do you want me to use some from my stash (have plenty) or do you want to send me some more?
    Just let me know!
    P.S. I did the same pattern w/ repros for my quilt in another vb I am in.