Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Mini Quilt and Some Blocks

More pictures....
Here is my mini quilt for the Doll Quilt Swap 7. The change I made was added three dots to the center of the big tree. My Grandma suggested it and after I did it - I loved it. It filled in enough white space to make me happy.
Here is the back. I shrunk it down. Okay, not on purpose. I prefer the new look but I used chalk to make the quilting lines and the chalk would not come off! I washed it 6 times, I used Shout, OxiClean and Grandma's Secret Spot Remover. Finally, it came out enough but I got the shrunken worn look. Its okay. I think it looks better on the back than the front. It makes the quilting stand out on the back. By the way, the pattern is my dessert plate, 8.5 inches and I just traced it many times. No pattern. No rhyme or reason.
And a quilt block for one of the bees I am in. I figured I should really get them done. This is for Kathy in Pieced Together Quilting Bee. She wanted a log cabin block. I hope she likes it.
Here is Edith's in Pieced Together Quilting Bee. She wanted something that evoked circles. What's more circlee (is that a word?) than the drunkards path? I hope she likes it. Its really loud!
My goal is to finish the rest of the blocks this weekend. I'm sure everyone would like their blocks back. Fall is here so its time to buckle down. :)

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  1. this mini quilt is so fun....i am sure it was frustrating to have to wash it so many times but it looks great...loved and worn.