Thursday, September 17, 2009

A couple more projects

The beginnings of my string quilt. I had all these yellow and lime greens. Its almost all the way put together and it looks awesome. I just haven't gotten a photo yet.
A tutu for my little one. It turned out very cute. I looked for the photo of her last year that was adorable but I can't find it. Here's the tutorial for the tutu. it is super simple. You can make hundreds of them and charge like 40 bucks for them. That's about what they cost on etsy and the ballet supply store and they are made the exact same way - I kid you not. How annoying.
M is loving preschool .They already went on a field trip to Western Washington University to look at dinosaur poop. How cool. I wish I could have gone but nooo...I had to work. Stupid job keeping me from looking at dinosaur poop. :)
I also finished a quickie baby quilt. I was supposed to see my friend this weekend but she is the worst for keeping plans so it didn't happen. I still have to take a photo before i mail it.
Hope the new school year it going well for you!

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