Thursday, September 3, 2009

More Quilting Bee Blocks

Anna's Block, originally uploaded by samcrawley.
Another Quilting Bee block done. This one is for Anna. She wanted something scrappy so I made the Silent Star from Eleanor Burn's Victory Quilts book. I had to call my mom and tell her it was a bit odd I was confused by a beginners block. It was just figuring out what Eleanor Burns meant in her instructions. She has a different way of doing things. Quite simple once I figured it out and I think the block turned out nice so I am happy. I hope Anna likes it.

This block is for Amy. She wanted a square inside a square and only three fabrics. Seems simple enough except I don't think I had enough fabric. All I have left is some purple and nothing even usable of the others. I am not happy with this block. I emailed Amy to see if she liked it, otherwise I am taking it apart tonight and trying again. I want to carry the circles across although it will cut the tree and I will make the purple block bigger. Or I could raise the tree higher and cut off the top. I will have to get the ruler out and figure out if I have enough fabric. I hope it works if I do it or I am screwed. Hopefully, Amy doesn't like it so I can redo it.

After these I have two blocks left. One is do whatever and the other I have to make a basket on point. I'm kind of intimidated by that one which is why I got so far behind. I like to do things in order and I should have done that one a long time ago so I didn't do the others. Just stared at the envelopes. It will be done this weekend. Maybe even tonight. We will see. :)

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  1. I had the same problem--I didn't have enough fabric. None of my pieces from Amy were 12.5 inches, so I wasn't sure how I could get consistent sides. Alas! :)