Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Change in the Air

I just wanted to give a quick update. My Grandma decided now that she is being left alone to rest and all the tubes are out and they are stopping poking her every half hour that she might stick around. She actually started doing much better and started feeling better yesterday. I guess she just got some ICU-itis. They are all over you constantly there and you really don't get rest. My mom called me this morning, early I might add, to tell me that Grandma definitely is feeling better. She was bossing everyone around and laughing. I'm so glad to hear it! I'll head up later today.
I did find a good book to share with M if... Its called Waterbugs and Dragonflys. Its a little abstract but I think that it was really nice. Basically, it talks about how waterbugs climb up a lily stalk and turn into a dragonfly. The other waterbugs don't see this transformation and are confused because everything was great underwater. They promise that next time one will come back and tell the others why people don't return. So one goes, transforms and its glorious, beautiful and free. Unfortunately, he can't go back to tell them. His new wings won't let him break the water barrier. The newly transformed dragonfly finally gives up and knows that someday the other waterbugs will join him and understand. I think it can lead to good discussion about how the loved one is happy and even though they were happy before they can't come back but someday we will see them again. Not that I want that discussion.

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