Thursday, May 21, 2009


I hadn't scrapbooked in years. I sorely neglected making one for M. I totally feel guilty about it to. Well, my Grandma turned 90 last October and we had a big party for her at the Roeder Home. Its a historical house in the town we live. It was celebrating its 100th birthday the same month as my Grandma's 90th. It was great. Anyway, my mom asked me to make a poster board with pictures on it. Ugh, I am not in elementary school with a science project so I made a scrapbook. I made it fast too. When I am motivated, I can get things done. It took me a week to make it. (I apologize for the photos. I took them with my camera at my GM's house yesterday. I should have taken them when I made it.) So, here is a sampling of the pages. It was quite big.
The theme was basically "the Many Faces of Anna." In 90 years you acquire a lot. I had a pages called "Hot Nana" where she was young in swimsuits, acting like a fashion model. Then I had actually four pages on being a wife. These were about meeting and getting married. I asked my grandma what she remembered about meeting my Grandpa and I remember the stories he told me so I chronicled them. (She ran over his Army hat on the bumper cars at Coney Island, wrote to him while he was at war and when he returned they got married and came out west.)

My grandma is also a troublemaker and her proudest moment is giving my brother when he was little a chocolate ice cream cone. It got all over him. He still loves his chocolate, thanks to her.

There were other good pictures that didn't fit in other places so I also had just photo pages.
My rule for the album was it had to be all about my Grandma so the photos had to be of her or of her and someone else. That makes it challenging because Moms often are the ones with the camera so finding pictures of my mom and uncles with her was a challenge.

The album turned out really well. I was quite proud. Did it motivate me to make M's? No, but I have more supplies now. :)

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  1. Wow Sam, that's beautiful! I can see that you're a multi-talented lady. Nice work.