Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

My wonderful mom came up on Saturday and took my lovely daughter for the day. My old college roommate (she put up living with me for four years!) was in town so my mom wanted us to be able to hang out for the day. We shopped all day for silver shoes! Our other roommate Sarah is getting married in June and Andy is going to be in her wedding and needed silver flats. I unfortunately won't be able to go. M is having her first ballet recital that weekend and with travel time from Seattle to Massachusetts- not happening. Anyway, we were horribly unsuccessful. There are so many silver shoes but Andy was being picky. I did however score a 525 thread count sheets for a queen size bed for 6 bucks! I like to spoil myself with good sheets. Well, good sheets that are mass cheap!
M had a great time with out me. They hung out at Nana's house and M played in the newly rototilled garden. She was so dirty she had to strip outside and be carried to bath tub. I even found dirt in her eye later in the day! My Uncle Ray also took her to an exotic chicken farm after she was cleaned up. She had a blast. I wish I had photos!
Andy left about 4 pm and my mom returned and we did some quilt store shopping. I bought some cute paper doll fabric. I have no idea what I am going to make with it but I have wanted it for a while. This other quilt shop had it in a kit but I just wanted the fabric. I think it will be a great little fabric to use for a new mom of a little girl. Or I will just keep it for myself. :)
I also turned in a quilt to be quilted. I made a quilt for the aforementioned Sarah and I made it so simple that it really needed some quilting done to it and I would have just stitched in the ditch since my free motion skills are minuscule. The place we took it is really affordable so we are excited to see the quality.
The next day was Mother's Day and my mom gave me gifts. (I gave her gifts too but not that exciting) One was her old serger. She just bought herself a new one and although she could have used it as a trade in she thought I would like it. I do! I've used it before to make cloth napkins for my grandma and although I like using them - they scare the bejesus out of me. I am afraid I will cut my finger off. M got a pre-lecture about touching it.

She also gave me a doll dress. She said she hunted every where to get the perfect dress for my doll. I love it! So cute and I love that it fits the time piece of the doll so well. I told her she has to make a matching dress for M since it is so cute. I got the typical Mom response - we will see. (She also gave me a 1/4 inch foot for my machine - YEAH!)

We did receive bad news this weekend. My brother in law and sister in law are getting divorced. What I thought was funny (not the divorce- that's awful) was that my mom kept trying to console me. Finally, I was like, "Mom, I am not getting divorced and they aren't my parents." She just smiled and realized what she was doing. I think it was some residual guilt of her and my dad getting divorced when I was six which I am glad they did. It just made me giggle.

On a side note, this is pretty popular in the crafty blogging world today. At Craft Hope, a website designed to help others with our crafty skills, they are beginning their second project which is to give children in an orphanage in Managua, Nicaragua handmade dolls. I decided it is so worthy and I have made some dolls in just a few hours that it really is just a minor giving. If you are interested - check it out. I just have to figure out which doll to make or I can just make a few!

To all those moms, Happy Mother's Day, a day late.

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