Monday, May 4, 2009


This quilt is not one of my proudest projects. Probably my most loved however. M has been collecting dog fabric for a while. Every time we saw one, begging would start for me to get some. So, I made her this "puppy love" quilt. I started with paper piecing dog squares. I saw them and I knew M would want it. She was mixed on them at first but that was because I didn't use her favorite colors at first. Then the center is one big piece of fabric. It was just so cute with all those faces. The poodle is her favorite. Then the squares on the sides are just to show off the fabrics she chose. Now you may not be able to see them but there are random dog buttons all over the quilt. She wanted more but I said no. I hate hand sewing. So boring. I just realized that I sewed on all those buttons but I haven't given the dogs eyes yet. I guess I am not done yet.
I still have a ton of dog fabric left but my mom asked for it so that she could make M a doll blanket for her doll. She thought M would like to be matching. I even have some I didn't use. The reds didn't match well enough (like it really mattered) so she will probably get a little outfit out of it since I have 3/4 yard of each.

So, there you have a mismatched, paper pieced, uneven (see some squares are trimmed to fit) quilt with buttons. I purposely have the fabric in different directions and the dogs facing out. I wanted them to face M whichever direction she had the blanket. I actually finished it the other day and I asked my hubby to help me take a photo of it but I can't get it away from her. She even had to sleep holding the puppy love button that is actually covering a quilting mistake (shhh). Funny kid. I'll be so sad when she outgrows this phase and hates everything mommy makes her. Oh and to make it even more of a dog quilt. My dog help sew it. Yes, she did. She laid on my foot while I had it on the presser foot. You know how hard it is to get a comfy 65lb dog off your foot in a timely manner. I think she is trying to tell me I am sewing too much and she needs more love. Poor puppy, poor, poor puppy.

I started my next project already, making a wedding throw for my friend which I hope to have the top done to show you later this week. Its more of a twin size but that is what I make for a throw. I want my whole body covered when I curl up.
PS Don't look at my floor! The shards of my dogs favorite blanket are there and I haven't vacuumed. Why vacuum when I can sew. :)

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