Thursday, March 5, 2009

Baby Quilt

My cousin, Heather, is due for her first child, well, anytime. They live in Texas so I wasn't able to attend the baby shower for her but I decided to make her a quilt.
Really, I wanted an excuse to use this awesome kite material. The quilt got a little big while I was making it. I wanted it smaller but it kept growing and growing. So, it is a great size for a lap quilt or for a toddler bed. The baby will definitely be able to use it for years. The red is more of the corduroy that was for my daughter's dress. See -no dress. It's just so soft, I thought it would be nice for some texture. I love it. I backed it with a blue flannel. Flannel stickes a little better so it won't fall off a wiggling child as quickly. I thought seriously about keeping it for myself but I thought better. I do have some more of the kite fabric left so I might have to make myself one. Sorry the pictures aren't that great. I am hoping that she will send me more pictures. My aunt told me it was well received though.

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