Thursday, March 12, 2009

Grandma's quilt

So, last year M turned three and we made her room into a big girl room. I would have taken a picture for you to see it but you can't see the floor at the moment. Anyway, we got her a big girl bed. My mom and I were just browsing at IKEA and in their broken or display stuff they had this cute wrought iron bed, really low to the ground. It was super cheap. They were discontinuing it and this was the display model. We bought it right then. Try to fit a bed into a car with two adults and a car seat with child in car seat. Along with all the stuff we picked up when we were browsing. It is quite a challenge, let me tell you. Anyway, so Grandma wanted to make her a big girl quilt for her new bed. This is just a close up of it. It is so beautiful. She used the blue and white fairy frost that makes it all sparkly. She has a Brother Disney fancy dancy embroidery machine so in each of the Dresden plates has a Disney princesses. I really didn't want an obsessed princess child and luckily I don't. If we knew she would become dog obsessed 2 weeks after her birthday we would have put dogs on it. M really loves her quilt and she loves that Grandma made jammies that match the back flannel. She giggles whenever she gets in bed and sees that she matches. And the bed being close to the ground has been great. She sometimes doesn't even notice she fell out of bed. Once I found her sleeping with her feet on the floor and her body in bed. Funny girl.

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