Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Fat Quarters

I love fabric. Really it is the only reason I sew. Its the perfect excuse to buy more fabric. Well, one of our lovely local fabric stores, Fabric, etc., was celebrating Mardi Gras by having a Fat Tuesday sale. Buy 20 fat quarters for a dollar a piece. I am never really happy with the selection Joann's has so I went crazy. I bought 32 with no real plans in mind. I wanted to share my selection with you.

I did let my 3 year old pick out some.

She thinks we are making stuffed dogs with them. With a fat quarter? I am not sure that is happening. (if you know of a dog pattern for that much fabric let me know!) She is as bad as me. We were at Walmart and she found a remnant piece of flannel with dog prints on it and insisted on it. For 87 cents I let her get it. My Daugher is OBSESSED with dogs and occasionally she is a dog named Brenda. We then went to Grandma's and she nagged her Grandma until she made something. Here it is. The Dalamtion is Jasmine and the bulldog is Cinderella. My mom made her Jasmine since she had the fabric and the pattern for it. She was hoping that would distract her from the paw print fabric but it didn't. My poor grandchild spoiling mother was making dogs all weekend. Both are quite happy though and Jasmine and Cinderella go to Preschool with M.

Now I have to figure out what to do with all that fabric!

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