Thursday, March 5, 2009

More Bags

My friend asked me to make her a bag for her preschool's auction so of course I obliged. I love an excuse to make more bags. I was too lazy to make my own pattern so I made her this yellow bag with brown lining called the Ava Rose from Artsy-crafty Babe. You can buy the pattern here. It calls for two pockets but I used one and used the yellow fabric to make it stand out. I usually don't put pockets in my bags. I never use them. I also used fusible fleece instead of the two interfacings that it calls for. I hope my friend likes it. I, of course, had to make myself one as well.
I love this purple fabric. I bought it clearance at Two Thimbles. I didn't know what I was going to do with it but when I saw the fabric sitting on my shelves at home calling to me - I knew it would be perfect for this bag. I have gotten all sorts of compliments on the fabric. The buttons I stole from my mom. She has this box that is the size of four shoeboxes combined filled with buttons that she has been buying for years and a lot of them from a store going out of business. She let me search through and take what I wanted. She has a more modern box of buttons too that she uses more often that she won't let me steal from. So mean, I tell ya. I was impressed by how well these buttons matched though. My husband likes to brag that he picked out the buttons. I let him choose the best out of two.


  1. Sorry that you have to sew on a a card table! We do what we must, huh? lol. Love that yellow bag!

  2. Love the yellow bag - beautiful!