Thursday, March 12, 2009

Boredom in the Snow

So earlier this winter we were totally snowed in. (I just don't feel the need to drive in snow if I don't have to.) I was really bored so I started working on gifts for people instead of buying them things. Since I wasn't driving to go buy gifts I kind of had to. Well, I have this girl friend, Eli, she is an odd duck. She is very girly but the guys love her because she can be a guy with the best of them. "Being a guy" is more her nature anyway. She travels a lot so I decided to make her a travel bag and I used this satiny skull fabric I got in the remnants at Joann's. I also made a scarf for her. I thought it would be fun. She isn't a flowery kind of girl so this fit her well. I didn't use a pattern and I think this is the second zipper I have ever put in. I thought I did pretty well. The satin fabric was a huge pain though. I ironed it onto some medium weight fusible interfacing but for me to get it to stick enough, I melted a few pieces of the fabric. It was definitely a learning experience. Since I didn't use a pattern it did get a bit bigger than expected so it actually started off as a little purse organizer and it ended up being a toiletries bag. Oh well. I was entertained and she liked it. :)

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