Thursday, April 16, 2009

April Quilt Blocks Complete- check

I am trying to work through my list of things to get done which will of course never happen but I have finished the quilt blocks for the two quilting bees that I am part of. Here is the blocks for PTQB. Erin wanted squares and rectangles. I hope I did it to her liking. It was fun to make plus
I love that it is so colorful. It would definitely brighten any room. I had to throw in a tulip as it fit so well. Stephenie wanted a log cabin. Again, love the fabric. This is more what I would pick out for colors. I love brown. Plus, I love the little swirly snails in the middle. Anyone know who made it?

Then, I made Chen's for AQB2. I made two for Chen. She wanted us to do whatever we wanted so I wanted to make one really fancy (fancy for me- I am still a beginner) and one more simple as I figured I would run out of fabric with the fancy one. You have to check some of the other blocks made. Man, there are some really talented people in our group. The fancy block is called moose tracks. You should have seen it when I was making it. It didn't look at all like it was supposed to until I ironed it really well and trimmed off the crazy looking parts of it. Oddly enough after I trimmed the crazy parts, it was the right size. Don't you love when that happens. I should have taken pictures of how crazy it looked. You would have laughed. My other block for Chen was more of a log cabin. I really was searching and hoping the left over fabric would fit. I had to add a couple of my own so I hope they fit to her "shabby chic" theme. I realized when I was searching in my stash for fabric that would work that I do not own a lot of pastel or pinks or anything shabby chicish. It was a weird revelation. Maybe an excuse to get some. :)

As a weird side note, I was driving down the freeway yesterday after dropping off my munchkin at day care and I had an odd thought. Not really odd for me, however. I was thinking about what it would be like to be driving 70mph on the freeway during an earth quake. I am in earth quake country - it could happen. Anyway, this morning my office mate tells me there was a little earth quake in the town I was driving away from yesterday. So weird. That ever happen to you?


  1. Tula Pink - snails, the butterflies, dragonflies on green, and the navy/aqua circles - first 3 are from Flutterby line (hard to find now), last is from new Neptune. LOVE HER!

    And since I also live in earthquake county, I tend to think about driving in an earthquake too! I actually was driving last spring during a 4.3 (?), and we didn't feel it because the road itself was so bumpy. I get paranoid when I'm stopped on a bridge, or below an overpass/interchange ramp.

  2. I've never driven in an earthquake but did experience a big one when I was in L.A. years ago. Yikes! Don't care to repeat that anytime soon.

    Love, love, love my blocks! Thank you.