Friday, April 3, 2009

Sara's block

Finally, I finished. I've decided I am too much of a perfectionist. I fixed the two colors touching but then when I was looking at it the fabrics in the middle didn't line up so I took it apart again!
I have done some other projects which I will show you pictures this weekend. I am making stuff for my daughter's Easter basket. I am making her a little puppy and a little doll. So I actually have to finish those before next weekend! Plus I donated a list taker to the nursing program I work for so I have to make that before Thursday. Eeks. I have to get motivated!
Have a great weekend! I guess I will be busy!

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  1. Hello Sam, nice to meet you. I was browsing the web and found your blog, then I saw your link to my blog, how cool!! I read your post about your friend, sorry that happened. Honestly that is why I do not have any friends. I have my best friend, my husband, and that is all that matters, then we have 4 crazy but cool kids whom drive me insane but life without them would be nothing. If you are interested in a good friend I can lend my services. Maybe penpals?? I craft as much as I can, and be myself. if you are interested you can email me at and we can exchange addy's. I quickly lost my friends when I became pregnant in high school, the fact that I was 18 did not matter, anyways, nice to meet you, I am off to add you to my blogroll :O)