Monday, April 13, 2009

Wow- Weekend Surprises and my ADD

This weekend was not at all what I planned or would have liked (most of it) but you go with the flow. Thursday morning, I received a phone call from my Uncle. My grandma is not feeling well so he was taking her to the hospital. She did recover after a few day stay in the hospital. The difficult part for me, besides my grandma being sick, was that she was supposed to host Easter which fell to me. 14 people in my tiny house which was a total mess. So in between visits to the hospital, I cleaned and shopped. That wouldn't have been so bad if I had help but my husband was out of town at a Bachelor party and didn't return until Easter around 2PM! Everything of course turned out. My mom stayed with my Grandma for the night until my uncle returned from his conference and fought with her the whole time. My 90 year old Grandma, after just being released was going out the get fire wood and when she was asked why I couldn't go get it she told my mom I wasn't strong enough to bring in fire wood. I just shook my head and got the wood. My mom also made our family's Easter tradition of Egg Nests. My grandma said she did okay for the first time trying. She is a feisty old broad.

So these Egg Nests are yummy. It is just a hard boiled egg, colored of course, wrapped in a sweet bread and baked. Then iced with just a powdered sugar and water icing and topped with colored sprinkles. Totally cheesy but I look forward to it.
I have also determined that I have Crafting ADD. I have like 6 projects going and 4 I want to do and I got a new book today that I want to do like all right now! This book is cool. I have always wanted to do Landscape Quilting but really didn't know where to start. So far this book looks very simple with a few beginners patterns to start and shows you how to make your own patterns. I can't wait! You can get the book here at Amazon. Nancy's Notion's also has it but it was like 15 cents cheaper on Amazon and eligible for the free shipping so I got mine there. I will let you know how it goes with the project once I find time to do it. Maybe I should start now. :)
Oh, M loves the dumb looking dog I made her. I'm glad kids aren't too picky.

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