Wednesday, April 22, 2009

bag for a working grandma

My friend Daysha asked me to make her mom a lunch bag for her birthday last year. I, of course, obliged. So, I picked out this red country rose fabric and a red lining for the bag. I didn't use a purchased pattern. Just a random one from my head. (If you are interested let me know and I can write it up for you.) It is a pretty simple pattern. I did put a large flap on it to better hold the items in and well, to make it cuter. I used this awesome wood button. I wish I got a better picture. I have since used the other one on some sort of project or bag. The interfacing is a insulation like you would use for potholders. I, in fact have made pot holders with it but I double layered it to give it more stability and protection from the heat. I just picked up the insulation at Joann's, nothing spectacular. The only reason I don't like it though is because it is quite crinkly so until it gets used a bit it is a bit noisy.
I have also made this bag as a diaper bag. I figure it is great for snacks and bottles and anything else you can cram in there. I made a huge one for myself when I was traveling from Germany to Seattle and I made the strap really long so that it would fit under my backpack and still be comfortable. Worked awesome. My brother thought I was crazy though when he took the bag and it was almost to his knees. Worked great for me. If only it helped keep a six month old comfortable for over 14 hours. Someone asked me why I wasn't traveling during her nap time. Uhh, I did, several naps.
Here's a random story. I was laying in bed hitting the snooze and I swear I heard a cat meow like it was right next to me. Could a cat have gotten in the house? Our neighbors cat has snuck in before when all the doors were open but it was 6:30 am. No, it couldn't be a cat, my dog is laying at the end of the bed. She wouldn't allow that. So, I went back to sleep. I heard it again! Of course, there was no cat. I was dreaming it. Its so weird when a dream is so real. I hear my phone ring occasionally when I am awake and I am just imagining it. Weird. Is it just me?

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