Monday, April 6, 2009

Busy Weekend

This weekend was quite busy. Saturday my mom drove up and we went to my Great Uncle's 90th Birthday. I hadn't been to a "family" function in a while so it was quite odd walking into a large room and knowing 90% of these people are relatives but not knowing who they were. My Grandpa was one of 8 brothers so I got a lot of "how are you related? Oh, Lester. Nice to meet you." There were some really nice people. My daughter had a blast chasing boys around. A girl of my own heart. :) So, this portion of my family are potato farmers. They are really well known in this town and the surrounding towns. When I went to a family reunion like 20 years ago all they talked about was potatoes. I don't know anything about potatoes. So at this function they had these little mini potato sacks full of jelly beans. How adorable! Then they had Mr. Potatoheads at every table. Mr. Potatohead cookie jar being used as a vase, potato bowls, stuffed potato people and more. It was funny and so darn cute at the same time. Great Uncle Gord seemed to really enjoy himself.

Afterwords we stopped at two quilt shops. I thought this town only had one but they have three! Its only like 20 minutes from my house so I am pretty excited. I picked up one vintage fabric with dogs on it for a summer dress for M and then I bought a "fake" porcelain doll. It is from, oh darn, I can't remember, Oh, Daisy Kingdom. Very cute with a 20's hairstyle. It is currently in M's room in its undies. I was too cheap to pay $17 for a doll dress when I could make one out of scraps.

Then after dropping off my grandma, my mom and I went home and played with M and watched The Music Man. This is a picture of her with all her dogs. Note she has dog ears on as well. When she went to bed she threw some dogs off her bed. I guess some of the dogs are not worthy enough to sleep on the bed and they were the ones that I picked up off the floor so I know she is very specific about this. So weird. She is proudly showing off her new outfit here. Dogs of course. Plus it has pockets that she can put a stuffed dog in. How perfect. I let her wear it two days in a row but after she got it dirty by sitting on the wet grass I washed it.

The next day we went and bothered my grandma and uncle for breakfast and came back home, my mom left and M and I played in the front yard with bubbles and chalk. I also weeded while she tried to plant some of the dandelions I pulled up. It has been a long time since we saw the sun so we took full advantage of it.

I did complete a one project and 99% of another (I can't find the bag with the buttons to finish the other one). This is a list taker I made to donate as a door prize for one of the nursing programs I work for. The color didn't turn out too well. It is navy on the inside with red bias trim and I used a red thread to sew it all together. I think it is the best one I have made so far.
You can find the pattern here. I made a ton of these at x-mas. Its a great little gift for someone that you don't know what to get them. Do we really need any more lotion or candles? I made my mom one that was miniature for her purse. I just made the pattern for that one. She lost it last weekend so I have to make her a new one. I'll show it then. I'll also show my other project after I finish it. If I ever find that bag! It had Easter basket stuff in it so I hid it and I don't know where!!! I made a little puppy for her basket so I have to find it before then.

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