Monday, April 20, 2009

A Busy Weekend

This weekend was so productive and busy. Friday, M and I drove down to the Children's Museum in Burlington. We love it. Its a 45 minute drive but it is so worth it! Plus my friend drives an hour there from another town so we can hang out. She has a four year old and a one year old so its a nice break for the both of us because the girls can run crazy and they are never out of our eye sight. We were worried the girls wouldn't get a long this time but they ended up okay. We had lunch first and J sat at a different table then us pouting. I don't know why. Four year olds are difficult to figure out. By the end of the day they were best friends.

Then that evening we went to my Brother in Laws house. They live like a mile from our house and we never see them unless one of us needs to borrow something or needs help with something. So, my sister in law and I decided we needed game night. We decided to play the CLUE DVD game that my hubby got like four years ago for Christmas but you needed three to play so we never had the opportunity. We think our DVD was broken. We could not get it to work so that failed miserably. We played Apples to Apples instead. Fun game. Totally recommend it.

Saturday, our friend called us and she had extra tickets to the Seattle Children's Theater to see and adaptation of "Good Night Moon." We were curious at how they could make a little children's book into an hour play for kids. It was so good. The girls had a great time. They were laughing so hard people were looking at them. So if you are in the area you should check them out. The Seattle Center had a Japanese Festival going also so the girls got to see Japanese drummers which was pretty cool. Then they got hot dogs and cotton candy and a pressed penny souvenir. They had a blast. It was a great surprise day out.

Sunday was quite relaxed. Didn't do anything but crafts and annoy my child. First, I worked on a landscape picture for the Six o'clock Swap and then I worked on M's dog quilt. I am making paper pieced dogs right now. Other than that I don't know what I am doing to the quilt. It is going to be a totally ugly quilt with dog buttons and every dog fabric we spot. But it will be so loved by a little girl with a dog obsession. I'll show it as I get more complete. Maybe when I finish the four dogs. I have two adn a half done.

Here is one other thing I did. When we got dressed Sunday morning, I noticed a stain on M's shirt so I made her this flower pin to cover it up. She loved it so much she made me wash the outfit so she could wear it today. If you want a tutorial, Grace Violet has a good one. Mine, is just a bunch of circles cut with a zigzag rotary cutter held together with a funky button and a safety pin in sewn on the back. Its nice because it uses scraps and it took me like 5 minutes to make. Sorry, its not a better picture of the pin. M is requesting a pink one and a purple one.

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