Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Finally finished with the dog!

So I never did find that Joann's bag so I had to go back and re buy what I needed. At least I can use it later if I do find it. How frustrating.

I finished up this stuffed dog for my daughter's Easter basket. I think it is a bit dumb looking but M won't care. It is a dog. I think if I used different fabric is would have been better. The pattern is here. I did make a minor change on it. I didn't like that you hand sewed the tail on after and I didn't like that the opening to stuff it was where the legs were so I took the back pattern piece and folded it in half and then cut two with a seam allowance. Then I was able to sew the tail into the seam and I left a bit open in the back to stuff it so that the hand sewing closure was on the back and not at the legs. Did that make sense? That was a long sentence. I might make another one with different fabric. The pattern's dogs are way cuter so I know I can make a cute one!

I also made this doll. I think it turned out so cute! It is for my friend's daughter's first birthday. I totally forgot about it and it was nice because I did the whole thing during M's nap time. The pattern is here. I didn't change anything. It was super simple and I even put myself to the test to hand embroider! I think it turned out pretty good for the first time. I even think I am going to try these. I bought the Bavarian one and the Italian one. M was born in Germany and my family is Italian so I thought I would start with those. If I like them I might make all of them! I know big dreams with all the other projects I have. Tonight I am working on the PTQB blocks and AQB2 block. I know what I want to do- now I have to do it!

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