Monday, April 27, 2009

Little Girls

My daughter has a birthday to go to tomorrow. We had gotten her a small gift certificate to Build a Bear because what kid doesn't want to go there? But, I felt it was a bit cheap. So, I made this little girl to go with it. Build a Bear gives little boxes with the gift certificate like you get when you make a bear so I thought it would look cute if she held it. I got the pattern here. She has some other patterns too. Peter Puppy in an earlier post is from her as well.

We spent most of our weekend outside in our backyard. Here are some pictures of the dog with her wagging tongue and and the kid enjoying the sun and attempting to figure out the hoola hoop. Ignore the mess in the background. We are still working on our winter cleaning of the yard. The dog destroys it and we neglect it. I wanted to be inside working on her dog quilt but that was a no go. I have it about 50% done. I hope my dog lover loves it. Hope you are getting some sun too! OUrs will be gone tomorrow. Boohoohoo.

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