Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Warm Your Heart by Quilting for Others

I know that our love of quilting, well, adds up. We have so many quilts in our houses that we don't know what to do with them. Here are a couple of programs that would love your help.
My mom forwarded me an email for the Quilts of Valor program that tries to give a mentally or physically wounded soldier a warm and cozy quilt. You can check out the program here Quilts of Valor. They also can help with setting you up with someone who longarms if you don't have time to quilt it yourself. My husband spent a year in Iraq and thankfully he returned in good health but I can tell you the little bit of appreciation he received while he was there was a big boost to his morale. He still talks about a pillow case that a kid sent to him with lots of drawings all over it. These soldiers have returned and not so well. They need the moral boost the most.
Project Linus has been around for a while and I am always thinking about making something for them. This program is for making quilts for children in hospitals. There are several local chapters and you generally don't have to mail the quilt anywhere just drop it off at your local quilt shop. Heck, you are there already. Just think about how your kids love when you make things for them even if we think it looks awful. Kids love the love. The website can give you details on local chapters.
If you need to warm your heart, check them out, you may have something already made you can give. It makes more room for more projects and helps others.

On a side note, I just discovered this website called Wiggio. It allows you to set up groups so that you can have all your shared documents in one location, send out email/text reminders and more. Plus it is free!! This is awesome for my job since I work with three different schools plus many clinics and hospitals. I house everything on my computer but if someone wants something they have to get it from me. Now they can get it themselves. Awesome! Just imagine what you could do with your sewing bees and quilting friends. Just like flicker but a bit different. I just set up my first group but I can't wait to fully try all the functions. Plus, it is just fun to say Wiggio.

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